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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cedar City Winds

Hola mi querida familia!

This week was really good. I love my companion, we are working hard and having a ton of fun at the same time. This week I felt like I was in Cedar City again. A hurricane passed by Veracruz and on Wednesday and Thursday, the wind was blowing like crazy!! It was raining super hard too, and there were a bunch of trees that got blown over, and all the corn that everybody had planted was toast. All of it was knocked over and it reminded me of what happened in the garden in Cedar City every year, until we finally stopped planting stuff, haha.

We visited Rene a couple of times this week, He has changed so much!! He was happy as could be when we saw him for the first time since he had been baptized. We asked him how we felt and he was like "marvelous. I feel Marvelous." haha it was awesome. There isn´t a better feeling in the world than seeing someone so happy and so full of joy because they decided to get baptized. This sunday he came to church and looked like a new man. He brought a white shirt and had actually combed his hair and everything, I couldn´t help but smile. We were super blessed to be able to find him. Thank you so much for your prayers that helped us to be able to baptize him.

So even though we have been running around in a ton of mud this week, we found a bunch of new people who are really good. We have lots of great people that we are teaching, the key is going to be getting them all to church this sunday. We had one person in church this week, Benito didn´t come for some reason. When we went on saturday he was asking us about his baptism, like if we were going to put him in the water face first or back first, haha and he told us that he would be at his house when we passed by in the morning. We sent some members to go get him because we had to pass by for some other people, but the members showed up to church without him and said that he had left. Kinda frustrated with that because he wants to be baptized and wanted to come to church. Don´t know what happened but we are going to check with him today and find out what we can do to help him. We are going to do everything we can to baptize him after church this sunday, Parker, send us some prayers that we can baptize "a man" again and I know he will be able to get baptized, haha. That was cool to hear that experience that parker had, thank you guys so much for your prayers, they help us so much.

We did divisions with the Zone leaders on Wednesday, Elder Fullmer (from alaska) came to my area to work with me. It was really really weird because we were speaking English. My English is getting pretty bad, haha. I´m sure my emails are pretty entertaining to read. I don´t notice a change but I´m sure you guys do.

This sunday I talked about miracles in church. The Jehovas Witness church doesn´t believe that God does miracles anymore, I learned that this week. How sad is that?? We see so many miracles every week in the mission. I think the biggest miracle I have seen is the change in my own life. I completed 8 months on the mission and looking back on where I was before I came on the mission helps me understand one of the reasons why Heavenly Fathers sends young men on missions. We have to grow up alot, haha. I am greatful for all the experciences that I am having here that help me draw closer to the Lord, and help make me a better person. I have come to realized just how perfect God´s plan for us is, how perfect his Church is. Lots of people here are always trying to attack the church but they can´t because it´s the Church of Jesus Christ, and it´s perfect! I love telling people as I point to my nametag, I´m from the Church of Jesus Christ. It has his name because it´s his church. :)

Well I think that´s about it.... these pictures are from a place called Salto. And it´s in our area. We went with the district today and it was way cool. The other picture is a slug. I put salt on it later and it shrunk up into a little glob. We also saw the sweetest cat fight you´ve every seen in your life. Don´t worry, I took a video of it and I will show you all when I get home! Pray Benito that he can overcome everthing and get baptized on sunday!! Thank you for everything, I love you all and miss you tons!!

Mucho Amor,

Elder Eastmond

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