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Monday, August 6, 2012

Branch Presidents

Hola que tal familia!

We had another crazy week, just like always! I laughed when I read that the air conditioning broke and it was like 95 degrees in the boys room, not that i want you all to be miserable, only that its funny because thats how it is every day here, haha. Like mom said how she was spraying herself with the spray bottle, every night before I go to bed I splash cold water on my face and just leave it there because its so hot.

We had lots of stuff happen to us this week, but the best of all... We baptized!!! We baptized Rene on saturday and confirmed him on sunday, it was great! his testimony after the baptism was incredible. he is so humble and talked about how none of the other churches would ever visit him but how he always wanted to change and do the things that god wanted him to do, and thats what he did by being baptized. Aw its such a great feeling being able to help someone make that covenant with God, there is no feeling like it. But... Satan did not want the bapitsm to happen. Just about every thing that could have went wrong, went wrong, haha.

All of this happened on Saturday: We were teaching a lesson in the morning, and when we left the lesson President Treviño called us. Every misionary knows that when president calls, its something really important, because he doesn{t call the missionaries directly very often. So I answered and he said hey, where are you Elders at, we are here in your area to check your house and to do interviews with you guys. So they came to where we were at and took us to the house. His wife was with him, and we were kinda nervouse bacuase we had the busiest week ever and hadnt cleaned the kitchen or the bathroom that well. Hermana Treviño is known to come and do surprise visit to check the houses of the missionaries and make sure that they are clean, and we were definietly going to fail this exam... She asked us, you have the keys to your house, and said yes and we prepared ourselves to be chewed out a little bit, haha. But we got to the house and I didnt have the keys.... I checked my pocket, my bag, and the keys weren{t there. My companion was saying, ya quit joking around and take out the keys, because every night i always joke around that we will have to sleep outside because I lost the keys or something. But this time I really didn{t have them... we are pretty sure that they fell while we were in a taxi. Close to 8 months on the mission, I had never lost the keys before,
and the one day that president and his wife come to do a surprise visit I lose the keys... of course. So we had to drive all the way to Cerro de las Iguanas to do the interview in the chapel.
After that, we had to eat so we went back to Comoapan, and had to talk to the owner of our house to borrow his keys. Then we went back to cerro to fill up the font for the baptism, we were filling it up and everything, there was no problems, and it was about halfway full when it stopped filling up...naturally right? So I climbed up into the attic to check the water tanks...empty. We should have filled up the tanks the day before, there is a pump that pumps water from the ground  up to the tanks so that there is water in the church, but that never crossed our minds the day before. We had like 30 minutes before the baptism and we still had to return to comoapan to bring Rene to his baptism. after messing with the pump a little and trying to get more water, it was going to take too long so we had to leave and go get Rene, then go back to cerro for the baptism. I remembered that one Elder had told me that he didn{t have enough water to baptize one time so they had their investigator sit down in the water so he could go all the way under. We tried it and it worked, haha. I told Rene to sit in the water and i kneeled next to him to do the ordinance. It worked just fine, we had just enough water to do it!

So all that was an adventure, but we are also now Presidents of the Branch. The other president never comes because of work and everything so they released him. They have another brother in mind to be president but until they call him President Treviño gave us permission to extend callings and stuff like that. Haha never thought i would be a branch president before I turrned 20.

More things about my companion, he is from Mexico city, is 22 years old, he has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. All of his family are members, his extened family no but his mom, dad, brothers and sisters are members. The ward loves him and he is a hard workerr. We get along really well and we are going to do some good things here. His testimony is amazing. he knows without a doubt that the church is true and is willing to do whatever it takes to share that with everyone. Right now he is sick and we are going to the doctor to find out what he has. always an adventure here in mexico!

thank you so much for your prayers and letters and emails! I love you all so much!!

Elder Eastmond

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