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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pyramids and hairless dogs

¿Que tal mi familia?

La semana pasada fue excelente! I printed your letters off earlier today and read them in the morning, sounds like everything is going well, good to hear! I went to Tajín for P day today, its about 40 minutes away from our area, its the place with all the ruins and pyramids and what not, it was soooo cool, I hope you enjoy the pictures! I have a ton more, I will send a couple each week!

Dad, Im not sure what street we live on, I will find out and let you know next week, Elder Thomson isnt sure either. The two wards that we are in are Tepeyac and Cinco de Mayo, its kinda cool having two wards. I have to say that im not jealous at all of the snow and cold weather. It has been soooo nice here lately, i love it so much. I already have a prett sweet tan, the one we get on our necks from the collars of our shirts are pretty awesome, not gonna lie! The other day we were knocking doors, and this really old lady answered. She was pretty crazy, she went off about how the missionaries are just a business and how the mormon church marries people like cattle, it was really funny. Then she said something about how Elder Thomson was american and how I was Mexican (I didnt really catch what she was talking about) but we were trying to convince her that I was from America, I told her, "Senora, soy gringo, mi español es horible" but we couldnt convince her it was funny, granted she was pretty crazy but it made me feel pretty good the rest of the day.

This letters gonna be all over the place, by the way, just so you all know! So we didnt baptized again this week, we were going to baptized Alfredo but he had to work one of the days we had a cita with him and didnt show, but this week FOR SURE, we are going to. We are already planning it and he has been to church enough times and we just have to teach him one more lesson, and Elder Thomson told me he is going to let me do the baptism, Im so excited! We aso found another family that was a reference, the mother is inactive but she wants to start coming to church, and she is married with two kids, one has 14 years and the other has 10. So we have started teaching their son but we are going to ask if we can start teaching the whole family. Vanesa and her family comitted to for sure coming to church yesterday and didnt show, it was frustrating. We went to their house afterwards and asked what happened... they went to buy groceries. En serio? We have so many posibilities for baptisms in the month of march, we just need to get them to church, it is hard for people to come sometimes. It is hard to know when it is our fault, like when we need to teach better or help them understand the importancia, or when they are just exercising their free agency. Sunday was really hard after an amazing week because we only had one investigator in church and like 7 or 8 committed, I know we can always be better teachers, its just frustrating when people dont realize the blessing that coming to church can be in their upcoming week. We are also almost for sure going to baptized a man named Rogelio, he wants to be baptized super bad and we just have to teach him the law of titheing, chasitty, and palabra de salbiduria and he should be good to go. But other than people not coming to church, the week was awesome. We got 140 contacts, which is super hard to do, we worked really hard. We received 8 references from members, and found a couple of people who could be really good. I started to feel for the first time that our lessons were really smooth and unified, because I can speak a little better and my accent has improved a little so people can understand me more. We are hoping to have an amazing month, Elder Thomson has been really excited, he says he has been working harder than in a lng time. This week we are going to have some family nights with members and investigators, we feel like we have improved all of our numbers except for lessons with members so that is going to be our focus this week. We are hoping that if the investigators can get to know some of the members, it will be easier for them to go to church.

Funny story about why I am grateful to be in the true church. Before our second ward on sunday, we were waiting outside for an investigator and there is a catolico church right across the street from us. We could hear the pastore inside the church, the door was open, and he had a microphone. They were about to do a baptism, and so he said (literally, im not joking, this is for reals) "People, I want silience, we are going to baptize! SHUT UP!!" and said it in both english and spanish. I couldnt believe my ears, I was like "is this really how the presiding authority should act?" We were almost dying from laughter, it was hilarious!

Nobody can say my name very well, its pretty funny. Most of the people say Eatsmond. One family of investigators that I have always call me Elder Cena (pronounced Cina) he is a pro wrestler who is really popular here and in the USA (that fake WWE stuff, haha) But everyone here says I look kinda like him, its really funny. And that is easier to say than Eastmond so they just call me Elder Cena. I struggle with some of the names here, there are some crazy ones. I gave a blessing the other day (Elder Thomson helped me with the Spanish) But the lady had like 4 names and I wasnt even close to saying them right...oh well. God knows!

Mom, the dogs here are out of control! There are some of the nastiest dogs I have ever seen, like the kind that you told me about: "If that thing bites me Im gonna die!" Most of the dogs are really lazy and sad and lonely, but there are a ton who just want something to eat and if you get to close its no bueno... so many without hair and they look like they are gonna drop dead any second!

The drivers here are absolutely insane, im surprised i havent died yet, but Im getting used to it. We were in a bus today to get to Tajín, the bus driver was passin semis left and right across the double yellow, it was pretty intense. There are taxis EVERYWHERE. It was way weird to me when i first go here because that just doesnt happen in Utah.

Im still so proud that parker made the tennis team. I was in a taxi when i read it and just had the biggest grin on my face (the lady next to me kept giving me this weird look because I was reading with this huge smile the whole time. I love that you hustled and kept your cool the whole time, and It helped you make the team, its all in the mental toughness! And who taught you how to play so good?? Must be some really cool dude...

Well im out of time but i love you and Im sorry this letter was all over the place!! I want you all to know that this church is so true, and Im so grateful to have the church in my life, especially out here where not very many people have that knowledge. Heavenly father answers prayers and is so willing to help us as long as we are obedient and righteous! Jesus Christ lives and Im so greatful for his presence in my life! I love you all more than you can know, thank you for the prayers and emails!!!

Mucho Amor, tenga un buena semana!

Elder Eastmond

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