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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gringo room, Tania, and milk bombs

Buenas Tardes mi querida familia!

How are things going??

Are you all super excited for Conference this weekend?? Me and Elder Thomson are way excited! Conference on the mission is going to be so special, so spiritual, and so helpful! We are going to watch in the Gringo Room, where they broadcast it in english, which will be really nice, haha.

This week we were going to baptized a 16 yr old named Jalíl but he couldnt get permission from his mom... She told him hes Catholic. Its super frustating sometimes with the Catholic Religion, because its honestly more of a tradition than a religion. Jalíl wants to be baptized really bad, has already felt a huge change in his life, especially through prayer, so it kinda bugged me that his mom didnt give him permision. But he said that he will be able to get it, he said he was just going to keep bugging her until she gives it to him, and we are going to try and meet with her this week and just explain to her what it is all about so its not something so new and different to her. In between sessions on Sunday we are going to baptize Tanía, that is going to be super special. We read 3 Nefi 11 with her this last week, (I have come to love that chapter even more after reading it with investigators) and she loved it. This past week she was reading the Isaías chapters in second Nefi, we told her she could skip those if she wanted, but we came back the next day and she said she had prayed so she could understand them and she basically explained them perfectly to us when we came back.... pretty amazing! She also told us that she has felt such a huge change in her life from the Book of mormon and from praying so much, she was tearing up as she was talking about it. I told her to imagine how happy she is going to feel when she has been baptized and has the holy ghost with her wherever she is, not only when she is with us and when she is reading and praying, but all the time! We also had a noche de Hogar with her with the relief society president, who lives like 5 minutes awasy. When we got to church on sunday, tania was sitting with their family, and was drawing and talking to their little 6 year old girl the whole time! It was great to see that she had already made some friends and felt really comfortable with them. Tania is also going to a young single adult activity for three days the week after she gets baptized, so shes basically on fire right now.

It has been a blessing to teach her, because we havent had a whole lot of success last change and It has been frustrating. Not because we havent had baptisms or all the big numbers and stuff, I just feel frustrated when I dont feel like Im helping as many people as possible. So It has been a blessing to have someone tell us how much we have helped them change their live through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Its hard for me when people dont accept us because we try to help them understand what they can have in their lives but sometimes they just dont want to accept it. I have been frustrated too because I feel like I have soooooo much to improve on in my teaching and as a misisonary in general, I just want to be better so I can help more people. You guys know how I am. I want to be perfect right away and I never feel like I should be satisfiied with where Im at, but Elder Thomson has helped me alot to just be patient and realized that I only half a month and a half here.
Wednesday night we made a mango smoothie...from what people told us the next day, one should never put mangos and milk together, they call it a milk bomb. So we woke up at 2 in the morning on friday, i want to say sicker than I have ever been before. We were throwing up and had diarreah soooooo bad, it was horrible. We were taking turns in the bathroom the whole night. It got to the point where we were literally laughing about it because we were so sick. We rested and went to the doctor that mornig, he gave us some pills that helped. We left the house at 2 and worked for the rest of day... I was a really long day. But ya, Just one of the adventures that happens in your stomach in Mexico. And know you know to NEVER put milk and mangos together. The best was that night at the family home evening with Tania, before we left the Hna at the house gave us some juice to take home... flavored mango, of course. We were laughing pretty hard about that... and we have yet to drink it. While we were sick we ate toast and drank gatorade, I told Elder Thomson that that is what my mom always gave me when I was sick,

Mucho Amor!!

Elder Eastmond Jr.

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