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Monday, March 19, 2012

Jalil, Tania and Irving

Mi querida familia...

Como estan?

This has been a really interesting week. We should be baptizing the next two weeks, we have Jalil on the 24th and Tania and Irving on the 31, conference weekend, so we are pretty excited. The dates are pretty solid too, everyone has been to church enough times so we just have to teach them everything that they are missing. Jalil always hangs out with the members, and has been coming to church for a couple of weeks so we started teaching him this week. We challenged him to pray about joseph smith the first night we taught him, and then when we came back the next day and asked him how it went, he said that when he prayed he felt like he wanted to cry. he said that he just felt like he could let everything out, he wanted to cry from the spirit, because he felt so happy, he felt so good to talk to his heavenly father. He also said he wanted to cry just because of how hard his life had been lately, he has a tough life, but it felt so good to talk to god about it. He said that when he prayed he felt like somebody was standing behind him, how cool is that??? It was an amazing experience and  I´m really excited to teach him everything else this week! Jalil is like 15.

Tania (19) we found a few weeks ago, she has a book of mormon and was already in Second Nefi... Golden! She had already gone to church a bunch before she was 8 years old and she accepted a baptism date for conference weekend. (Which btw, we are going to watch in English, live, not sure where, but we wont be able to bring investigators because we are watching it in English) She told us that her family has told her some stuff and given her some grief but she told us that she really doesn´t care because she feels so comfortable when she thinks about it all, and said that she is always firm in her decisions and she doesn´t change them. Tania is golden, we wish eveybody was like her, haha.

Irving is 16, he is waaaay cool. He has been to church a couple of times and we are going to baptized him on the 31. He has an INCREDIBLE family tambien, so we are going to start to try and work with all of them! We are going to baptized all of them, if you ask me!

Im still working on pictures, my computer is having issues, as usual, and its not looking promising that im going to be able to send week!

We also went on splits with the zone leaders this week, I went to Totolapa with Elder Harmon, he is such a good missionary. I learned so much in just one day, im really excited to apply it to what me and Elder Thomson are doing. We have been getting alot of References from the Members, its just a matter of finding them at home. Pray for us to
be able to catch them in their houses this week!! We are going to set up a couple of noches de hogar this week too, it should be really good.

As far as the wild life in mexico, this week we held an iguana that some kid was walking around with on his head, saw a snake that some kids dad cut the head off, and watched a lady cut the head off of aturkey...AWESOME. It was pretty cool.

Im out of time, i wish i had more!! I love you all so much, and I love hearing about everything thats going on at home, even if I dont have time to respond to it all in my emails, Sorry!! Thank you for the prayers, they help more than anything, I miss you and love you all muchisimus!!

Elder Eastmond

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