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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tylers first email!!!!!!

Hola familia! Como estas? Espero que su bien!

Wow what a crazy couple of days! My Preparation day is usually going to be on Thursdays, but we had a mini-one today so we could get some laundry done and what not! I hope that every at home is going well, I miss you guys so much, but everything is moving so fast that we barely have time to be homesick. The MTC is set up so well though, every hour they provide something productive and spiritual for us to do!

So, I am in a companionship with two elders, Elder Wheeler and Elder Lee, because Elder Lee's companion was bumped up to intermediate Spanish the first day so Elder Lee didn't have one. I am again playing the role of the one who gets along with everyone, because Elder Lee and Elder Wheeler are COMPLETE opposites, haha. They get along just fine, but they have very different views about things. So I kind of have to make sure they get along and stuff... good thing I'm used to doing that :) Elder Wheeler is awesome because he always follows the rules, he speaks spanish as often as I do, (which I LOVE!!) we are going to learn it so much faster because of that, and he reminds me of John as far as his love for the savior and his desire to learn the gospel. He also went to Stanford for a couple of semesters, so he is pretty sharp. Elder Lee wasn't originally planning on serving a mission, his dad is in the marines and he said he has had trouble being active and strong with going to church and seminary, so he's a little rough around the edges, he will be the first one to admit that. It is a great start though for him wanting to serve a mission, and he actually has a good testimony and a strong desire to teach the people. I really like him, he lightens up the mood after a long day and just kinda brings you back down to earth. He doesn't know spanish very well so me and Elder Wheeler are trying to help him along. He wants to know spanish sooooo bad though so he asks questions about everything spanish related and he has the desire to learn. I'm really glad that I took 3 years in high school, most of it has come back already, it's amazing how much you remember if you just speak it all the time! All in all, it is a challenge sometimes to have two companions, I would be content with one, but we have come to love eachother and you know I'm not opposed to a good challenge :) It's good because I amn learning to get along with someone kind of like John, who follows the rules to a T (which I love but could bug some people) and someone who doesn't always want to follow exactly and needs a encouragement. I think it will be cake when I only need to worry about one, haha!

My best experience so far had been teaching Franco! He is 18 years old and from Argentina, and moved here to the utah a little while ago. He is super nice and speaks beautiful Spanish. It was so scary because in clase de espanol, it was only the first day and hermana Ellsworth (our teacher) told us that we needed to prepare a first lesson for Franco so we could teach him on Friday morning!! (Keep in mind it's wednesday night....) Uh, are you for reals??? Haha our whole district go to go in two by two, or in our case with three, and teach Franco the first discussion solomente en espanol! COMO??? It went so incredibly well, there was mucho spanglish but we made it through, the spirit was there, we all bore testimony in spanish and i said the prayer in Spanish. We also had him read the first vision in spanish. I seriously don't know if I have ever ever ever felt more excited or happy in my life, I can't wait to get to Veracruz! I see now why the mission can be the best two years.

The food is alright, there are lots of choices though so that is good. I miss moms cooking a ton!! I'm out of time, so i will email or write you guys on P-day! I love you guys so much and hope everything is well at home!! Nos Vemos!

-Elder Eastmond

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