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Thursday, December 15, 2011

2nd E-mail Excerpts

Dear family,

So the other day I woke up and was thinking in spanish, it tooks me a second to try to think in english again...that's how much they pound it into our brains everyday, it's great. Baptism by fire!

 President Ricks (our branch president) has been talking to us about how we have the same power as an apostle of the church, he frequently encourages us to call each other Elders and not say things like "hey guys, or whats up bro, or hey man" haha he says we are demeaning ourselves and our authority when we talk like that so I'm trying hard to always use "Elder." It's cool to think the amount of power that I have as a missionary, but I don't think I can fully comprehend it yet until I get to Veracruz. I can't wait!

I absolutely LOVE my district, they are the coolest bunch of Elders! We don't have any hermanas yet, but I hear we will be getting some more in our Branch soon. There are nine of us altogether, and I believe 5 of us are going to Veracruz, and 4 are going to Mexico City, west. Everyone is starting to pick up spanish, put at the same time it's really frustrating sometimes, because there is just sooooo much to learn. I am glad for Maestra Duncan, though, because she taught me a ton and I kinda have a little bit of a head start with that.

sister Dalton actually spoke on tuesday! That's funny that you saw her the other day! When she started, she said that she had never felt the spirit so strong in the MTC ever before. She said "this must be what it was like to be helaman!" because she compared us to the Stripling warriors, it was cool :)

We go to the language lab everyday and our gospel to spanish ratio is probably half and half, except we learn alot of the gospel stuff in spanish, which is good.

We went to the temple this morning at 7:00, which wasn't early for me, because I am always up at 6 instead of 6:30 to get in my 400 pushups and ab workout in :) It was way nice to go and get away from things for a little bit, I alsways feel like everything is going to be ok when i'm in the temple!

Elder Eastmond Jr.

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