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Monday, November 4, 2013

Tuxtlas Woooooo!!!!!!!

hola familia!! sorry that nothing is going to be capitalized in this letter, the shift key gets stuck and it looks like im yelling!! so can i just tell you all how excited i am to be back in the tuxtlas. i absoluetly love it here and i love being a zone leader again. I feel like i know how to be a better zone leader after working in the offices and its really been a blast. the zone is really small, there are seven companionships in total and there are three district leaders that we verify with every night. the zone covers alot of area so when we do divisions we have to travel alot. my companion is elder conklin, he has 17 months in the misison and this is his second transfer as a zone leader. he is from sandy utah and is as good as they get. hes really excited and loves to learn and improve in every moment, hes a really humble guy and like me is a perfeccionist so we get along good, haha we are pushing ourselves alot here to do things the right way and to be 100% obedient and diligent. I have absolutey loved all the extra time that we have to work because im not in the offices anymore, haha we get to work in the mornings and im glad for the extra time to just give it my all these last couple of weeks.
So the last week in nuevas esperanzas was really fun. we ended up baptizing Irene! i dont have my memory card with with right now but i will send the picture to you next week. there were quite a few trials that she had going into the week but we fasted and the lord was able to touch her heart so she could have the faith the join the chruch. Her husband is still working on some stuff but he should be able to get baptized in these coming weeks and elder egbert tells me that irene is really pushing him to progress and to keep all of his comittments. the baptismal service was awesome because every companionship in the zone had a baptism, and it was stake conference so we all went to the stake center and afterwards had a huge baptismal service together, it was great!! the spirit was very strong and it was touching to see so many people at one time be able to join the church.
i absolutely loved the picture of jayden and parker!!!! oh my goodness i almost, just almost cried when i saw it! im so happy for both of them, what a great experience. I am grateful parker that this experience could help solidify the decision to serve a mission.
im sorry that i couldnt write that much, we write president a little more now because we arent with him all the time, i will try to write more next week! just know that i couldnt be happier and we couldnt be working harder her. we are going to start up some family home evening and movie nights this week to get the members involved and we already found some really great people who went to church!!
mucho amor,
Elder Eastmond

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