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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Great conference

Hola Familia!

We just got done watching the first two sessions of general conference. We watched the conference in English in the offices, all of our investigators are planning on coming to the conference tomorrow, pray for them so they can make it, please.  I really really enjoyed the talks, they answered alot of questions that I had written down before the conference. It´s so neat how the Lord can speak to us through his servants.There were a couple of good messages about the importance of always reading the scriptures. During these two years I have really seen the importance of the scriptures in my life and in the life of the members, converts, and investigators. Its so neat how the simple act of studying the scriptures can bring us such joy and protection in our lives. What a blessing it is to have a living prophet and apostles to help and guide us.   

Thanks for sending the letter from Pete and JoElla! I loved that. Tell them that the Tuxtlas wont be a stake until like January or February, but they meet all of the requirements now, they are just waiting to see that they can maintain their full tithe payers, church attendance, etc. Also tell them that there is a chance that I can end my mission there!! President already told me that I am going to be a zone leader my last change and one of the zone leaders in the Tuxtlas is going to be finishing his mission this change, so I´m going to beg President to send me to the Tuxtlas my last change, it would be so cool!

So yesterday we had a crazy wedding experience! We have an investigator named Lady and we have been getting all of her papers together so her and her boyfriend can get married. So we got all of the documents together and went to this little town called Jamapa that´s like an hour away from Veracruz. They have a place there were you  can get married for a lot cheaper and faster than the one here in Veracruz, so we made an appointment on Friday morning. Well we were trying to find a ride to Jamapa like all week because it was going to be a little complicated in a bus, so on thursday we finally found an hermana who was willing to take the family to Jamapa. But turns out that thursday night at like 10:00 at night she calls us and told us that she had gotten a flat tire and wasn´t going to be able to take us. So we started thinking about all our options and decided we should call President TreviƱo. The only problem is that he was going to have to drop a missionary who was going home off at the air-port at like 10:30, and the appointment for the wedding was at 11:00. But we called anyways and he said that he would love to help us, we just decided to send the family to the offices at like 9:30, they all went with president to the airport and then he booked it over to Jamapa. We had to go earlier to drop off all of the paper work so we were very grateful for his help. I love President and his family so much. They do so much for the missionaries and hardly ever have time to relax or take a break. The wedding turned out really good and we are planning on having the baptism in between sessions tommorrow, should be good.

I felt really weird sending all of the classes I want to take to dad...I get soooo nervous thinking about school and everything. I feel like I don´t remember anything from high school (except for spanish :P haha) but I´m excited at the same time to go to BYU. Thats been a dream of mine since I was little. (Is it true that BYU lost to Utah??? Thats what I heard over here)  

Dad, you will have to send me a ton of pictures of you in New York! That sounds like so much fun. Be safe and have a great time over there!

The family of 5 didn´t make it to church last week, we were disappointed. They sent us a text the last minute and said that they were going to go visit some family members. So we visited them and had a really good lesson, really spiritual, and we talked about the conference and how they were going to be able to receive lots of answers to their prayers in the conference. We committed them to go and they seemed really excited so we will do everything we can so they can attend. 

Well, my times up, but I love you all so much! Thanks for being the best family in the whole world! 

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond 

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