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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Milagros and Consuelo

Hey fam!!

So I have a ton to tell you, I will see if I can fit everything in! First of all, we had two unbelievable baptisms this week. On sunday, Milagros got baptized. The church has just absoluetly changes her life and she looks really different than when we first got there. There is a special light in her eyes and she seems happier and more sure of herself. The baptism itself was kindof tricky because we had to life her out of the wheel chair, bring her down the stairs into the baptismal font. She weighs alot so it took three of us to baptize her. She was just nervous as can be, it wasn´t something that was easy or simple for her but she had a lot of faith and everything turned out well. He sister was kinda scared to be baptized on Sunday, we aren´t really sure what she was scared of, she would never tell us, but after seeing the baptism of her sister she got really excited and so we planned her baptism on thursday. Everything worked out great, and her mom came to watch her. Her mom has been to church one time and she was happy as can be after watching consuelo´s baptism. She accepted to be baptized next sunday after church, she hasn´t been able to church for the second time yet because of her work, but shes trying to get everything all worked out with that. These two experiences really were two of the sweestest moments of my mission, I´m grateful that The Lord guided us to be able to find this family. 

This week we had zone conferences. It was really really diferent this time around becuase I was participated instead of just listening, but I absoluetly loved it! On Wednesday, Elder Ortiz and I went to Orizaba and Córdoba and spoke with President and his wife. On thursday, we got together the four zones of Veracruz (here in the port) and Elder Fox and Elder Chico spoke (the other two assistents) Then on friday Elder Ortiz and I got up super early and went over to presidents house, we all drove down together for the conference of Tuxtepec and Tierra Blanca. That was fun because Tuxtepec is actually in the state Oaxaca. So now I have been to three states in Mexico. Mexico city, Veracruz, and Oaxaca, haha.  We spoke there and today president is in the Tuxtlas with Elder Fox and Chico, we stayed here. I was kinda nervous at first but once you get standing up there in front and start teaching, the nerves leave. It´s fun teaching a large group of misionaries because they LOVE to participate, so with a couple of good activities and lots of questions, they learn alot and it makes it really easy to teach. I talked about how to detect the needs of our investigators and how to apply what we teach to those needs. It was kinda funny being in three of the conferences because we get to see how President shares the same message with the same jokes in every conference and he always just brings the house down. Hes a really funny guy but also a very very inspired man. After he finishes teaching, the room is always really silent and everyone can feel the spirit sooo strong. 

Today for P-day we went to a place called Cempoala, its like a mini Tajín, that place where I went at the first of my mission. Its a bunch of ruins and pyramids and stuff like that, it was really interesting, I dont have the pictures with my right now but I will send them next week!  

Thats pretty intense that Dad got to meet and work with Walter Reins on his painting. I agree, I would feel a little weird telling Walter Reins what he can improve in his painting!!

Well, Im just loving the work like always! It´s such a blessing to be a missionary, I´m not sure if I will every come home, I will think about it, haha ,)

I love you guys a ton and hope that you have an amazing week!

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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