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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A pain in the tooth

Hola familia! Como estan todos?

We are almost finished with this transfer, can you guys believe it? This is the last week before changes, we are going to have a leadership counsel and we are going to do the transfers with president on Thursday. I feel kinda weird because I will be the only one that stays here in the offices. Elder Chico, Fox, and Ortiz are all finishing their missions. Elder Ortiz is the first companion I`ve sent home, haha it will be kinda weird. 

We found an amazing lady named Tomasa this week. Check out how we found her, it was pretty cool! When I was in Magisterio with Elder Ortiz, we taught a young lady named Nayeli, and she ended up being baptized and to this day she is really faithful in the church. Well she started dating this guy while I was with Elder Farnsworth, and she brought him to church one sunday. The other two elders that were in the ward met him (his name is Ismael) and they taught him and he also got baptized. So a couple days ago we were going to get on a bus and we got on and saw Ismael. (Hes a bus driver and he always lets us on free, haha) So we got on and he started talking to us about his mom, who lives in our area. He told us to go visit her so we went and found her, taught her, and she is really really prepared to join the church. She accepted everything and we are just loving being able to teach her. Turns out that Nayeli and Ismael want to get married in the temple in a year so the whole family has benefited alot from Nayeli`s example. I love seeing stuff like this on the mission. I call it "the chain" because someone accepts the gospel and because that person joined the church a bunch of their family and friends join because of their testimony and example, its pretty great. 

Elder Ortiz has had a pretty rough week. Yesterday his molar started hurting him super bad so we basically went running to the hospital and they said that he had had it filled before but that it had opened up again. So they did some stuff with his tooth for like 45 minutes but it still hurt him all day. Then at night a sister in the ward who is kinda crazy got super mad at Elder Ortiz for a misunderstanding, something that wasnt elder Ortiz`s falt at all but the sister chewed him out anyway. And then today in the morning we had to go to the dentist again and he was there for an hour and a half, and he has to go back on tuesday, haha poor guy. It reminded me of mom and how she hates the dentist so much. 

Milagros and Consuelo are really happy. We visited them this week and have tried to find their mom but she has been working a ton. We will continue to look for her so we can help her join the church too. 

Today we are going to have a "going away lunch" with hermana Amparo and her family. (they joined the church like a month ago) We are going to help them make a bunch of mexican food and then all eat together, it should be a good time!

The pictures are from Cempoala, the place with cool ruins where we went last saturday!

I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!

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