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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day suckers and "Lost Child Street"


It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to see you guys on sunday, I wanted to talk you all for like 4 hours but that will have to wait for a while. You all looked so good and so happy, Elder Carmona and I decided it was a good thing to wait until Sunday to call home, cuz we both felt a little homesick. When I ran out to give Irving his keys, he asked me "esta trunky Elder?" and I said ya I only got five minutes left and he just started laughing.

I still can´t believe how deep Devin´s voice was.... that was kinda weird. But aw you all looked so good, you haven´t changed at all! I love you guys all so much and send a ton of prayers your way, thank you all for your prayers. And thank you for being such an amazing family, I have the best family in the entire world!!! Les Amo mucho!!

We just went to Centro (it´s like main street) and bought district ties, like when we were in the MTC, except our district is only 4 people so it is kinda different. We were talking about how everyone is for sure to stay in the mission Xalapa except for me... Elder DeFreese is training, so him and his nuevo stay for another change, and Elder Carmona just got here. There is a possibilty that I would stay and a possliblitly that i would go, it will be interesting to see what happens. I got an email from president today (we always get like a two sentence email from him every week in response to our letters) and he told me to teach Elder Carmona the area, where all the investigators and members are really fast. So that was kinda interesting but who knows what will happen.

For mothers day, we took suckers to all of the Hermanas and put a quote on it from President Hinckley, and asked them all to invite someone to church or invite to listen to us, we shared the scripture about the 2000 stripling warriors with them and how their mothers taught them how to trust in God. Then we read the verse were it says not a single person died in the battle, and they fought as with the strength of god, unlike anything anyone had every seen before, and it was all thanks to their mothers. They all loved that, they said that no misionaries had ever done something like that before. Mom, dad, and grandma, thank you for always teaching me to put my trust in God! :)

This week for district class we had a fun experience. If you looked at the photos I sent, there is one that has a sign of a street, and it says "niño perdido" which means "lost child". Well it so happens that in the area of Elder DeFreese, his church is on this street. So we had districe class in his chapel on tuesday, and we had to take a taxi to their area, usually the drivers know where the churches are but this one didnt. So we were on the phone with Elder DeFreese the whole time trying to figure out where to go to get to his chapel. Well we thought we got the right place, the driver dropped us off and we started to go down these stairs that Elder DeFreese told us we needed to go down. When we got to the bottom we were on some random street and when we called Elder DeFreese to ask him where we were, he didn´t know. So we spent about ten minutes asking all the people, "disculpe, buscamos por la calle niño perdido, sabe donde esta?" (Excuse me, we are looking for the street, lost child, do you know where it is) It was hilarious, because we truly were a couple of lost children and had no idea where we were, and everyone knew it too, and most of the people it was all they could do to keep from laughing. So finally we made it to the chapel after a while but it was pretty funny.

We found a good amount of new investigadors this past week, one is name Inocencio. He is 80 years old and we talked to him after we talked to you guys on skype, turns out he has killed 4 people.... 3 were on a motor bike and he was driving a bus, it was a complete accident but he hit them and killed them. The other aparently tried to stab him with a knife so he shot him and did 10 years for prison.... We will see if we can help him...

Thursday morning at 5 in the morning, we had the worst lighting storm i´ve ever seen in my life.... Pretty sure a couple hit a couple streets over, not kidding one bit, the power went out and everything, and the house was shaking pretty good. I looked down at my companion from the top bunk and said "we´re going to die" and he just started laughing.

It was kinda cool that Elder Carmona could talk to you guys somewhat, he actually can understand and speak quite abit. He knows alot of funny phrases and sayings in English, sometimes when were are just walking in silience he will say one out of nowhere and I am always laughting for like 5 minutes after that. The other day he said "There are two kinds of people in the World. The best... and the rest." It was pretty funny.

Well i love you all tons and tons and tons!!! It was so good to see your faces, thank goodness for technology these days, no? Have a great week!!!!

Elder Eastmond Jr.

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