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Monday, May 28, 2012

Craziest week ever!

Wow, craziest week ever. This is all going to be really fast and maybe not make any sense, haha.

So we baptized Itzel this week! We went to the area of the Zone Leaders on thursday because she lives in their boundaries, but like I told you guys she works in our area all day every day so we got to teach and baptize her. Her testimony after the baptism was beautiful, she was really happy and talked about how she finally completed the search that she had been on her whole life. The Zone leaders confirmed her in their war on sunday.

We went on divisions with our district on Friday. I went with Elder Vasquez, he has like 5 weeks on the mission but already knows how to teach really good, we had 5 lessons in the day and convinced this mother with some good scriptures to give permission to her son to get baptized. We also taught this really creepy guy and Elder Vasquez told me he´s not going to return. Elder DeFreese and Elder Carmona found a guy named Gregorio in our area. When they pulled out the Book of Mormon to show him, he turned the book over and saw the logo of our church, the letters that are on our name tags. Elder Carmona told me that he stared at it for like 30 seconds and then said, I dreamed about this... This church, this logo. I was in a place with a ton of people, and I was really lost, and then I saw this big, beautiful, white building with these words on it. Elder DeFreese said his jaw dropped and he couldn´t believe what he was hearing. So on sunday he came to church with us and he accepted to be baptized on the 9th of june if he receives an answer to his prayers. We also had two other investigators in church and brought a 11 year old boy that hasn´t been for awhile because his mom works, but he loves church and is a member so we took him with us. It was one of our better sundays.

The heat was ridiculous this week. SOOOO HOTTTTT! They say it was up in the mid 40´s in celcius. I´ve never been in more heat in my life, haha it´s quite the adventure. We sweat like dogs and have to drink lots and lots of water. And don´t worry, I am in fact using sun screen. (I know, its surprising)

Today for p-day we went to the house of a member and helped him paint some of his house. Think we got more paint on ourselves than on the walls but that´s ok. It was fun to help out, I wish the members would let us serve them more, sometimes we have to be really sneaky when we try and wash the dishes after the comida, usually the hermanas get mad if they catch us washing dishes.

But that is just the begining of what I have to tell you. I got a call from our zone leader today while we were buying food, and he asked me if the assistents had talked to me yet... I told him no whats going on, and he said "your leaving your area." I thought he was just informing me early for the changes or something, we are still missing two weeks to finish the change, but he told me that I  am taking a bus to Veracruz at 3 in the morning on Wednesday. He said that it was "emergency changes," don´t know what happened but with 200 misionaries, sometimes we get put in weird predicaments if something happens, So I am going to a place in Veracruz called the "Tuxtlas" (which means I am staying in the mission Veracuz when the mision splits) I have heard some cool and crazy stuff about the area. One, that is the place where all the wiches and stuff are (not kidding, people who practice weird rituals and witchcraft and stuff, there is some weird stuff that happens there. Not worried because I have the priesthood :) and Elder DeFreese told me that they baptize a ton there. So I am super excited but I feel super weird because it´s out of the blue, haha. I would have liked to finishe the change iwht Elder Carmona because we are way good friends and we have some awesome investigators, but I´m excited for change too!

I love you all tons, love hearing about the week and I love love love all the pictures!!

Behave good!! Hope the week treats you all good!
Elder Eastmond

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