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Monday, December 3, 2012

Gloria and Blanca Esther

Wow this week was craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!! But sooooooo good!!!

First of all, my companion was still a little sick this week, we checked his blood and he says he feels completely fine but the tests say that he had some problems... so he had to stay in the house all week long, poor thing. He has been dying to get out and work and see the sun and everything. He should be able to leave the house this week, he says he feels well rested and great. I was worried for him because he felt fine but supposedly he was really sick, but I gave him a blessing and we know that the lord protects his missionaries. The challange was that we had two baptism dates, Blanca Esther and Gloria. So we had to see them this week to help them be prepared and do their interviews and everthing. There are some recents converts in one of the other wards who we know really well and they are AMAZING!! They helped us sooo much this week. They have 3 priesthood holders in the family and so they did divisiones with us a ton this week. One of them stayed in the house with Elder Serrano and the other left with me. Some days we even brought my companion to their house with one of them and they put on church movies and church music and everything. We called their house "Hospital Moncada" (thats their last name) So turns out that we were able to visit everyone that we needed to and we had the most incredible baptismal service that Ive had in my mission!! Gloria, the lady who got married this last week, and Blanca Esther were able to get baptized and it was amazing! Soooo many people from the ward showed up and the members were so great to Blanca and Gloria, they made them feel so welcome and everything, it was awesome. The members helped us so much this week with divisions and stuff, we were really really blessed. I baptized both because Elder Serrano wasnt even supposed to leave the house but he had to come to the baptism, of course.

The baptismal service was amazing because I was sitting in the back and watching everthing and I noticed that there were a ton of converts there in the baptism. Some of them are ones that I had taught, others had know other missionaries but It was so cool to see and it really touched my heart that the Lord has given me the chance to be apart of this important work. To see everyone there that we had been able to find and teach and baptize, and that they were now there as members supporting the new converts was a special feeling that I will never forget.

Also, George was confirmed this sunday. His mom bought him a bunch of clip-on ties that he excited showed us when we went to his house this week, and he came to church with a white shirt and tie and shiny shoes, it was awesome! He is just happy as can be and already has a part in the primary program. His grandma continues to bring him to church, and is starting to be active again. And his mom has actually come two weeks in a row. She came the week of his baptism and also came this week. She is sooooo friendly but has told us serveral times that shes catholic and shes going to die catholic, but she doesnt even go to the catholic church. This week we are going to ask her what she likes about church and why she has been coming every week. :) I feel like something good is going to come from Georges example :)

This week we are going to the Temple!!! We are going to go on thursday and i am really excited. I am going to go with lots of questions and goals so I can receive answers to everything and receive lots of guidance for this coming year. Its been almost a full year since Ive been so I cant wait!

To answer a question from dad... a saying that I have picked up that I say without thinking now?? Like a frase in spanish? I always say, "no me diga" y "órdale pues" y "hijole!" and my companion is teaching me how to talk in "vos". It doesnt exist here but in honduras they use it all the time.

Stay off the sidewalks now that parker is driving!! I love you all and thank you for the prayers!!

Elder Eastmond

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