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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mawwaige! That bwessed awwangement!

Que dice familia??

I´m gonna try to fit everything in the letter, but I dont know that ill be able to! We had the craziest week in all of my mission...I think it even beats some of the crazy weeks I had in the Tuxtlas. So here we go....

So on Tuesday, we went to visit a less active member. Shes really cool and loves the church but she works alot and so she can only go every once in a while. We went to her house but her daughter in law came out and told us that she wasnt home. Her name is Gloria. So I asked her if she had every talked with missionaries before and she told us that she had, and then came right out and said "in fact, the only thing that keeps me from getting baptized is that i´m not married with my husband." So we asked her if we could come in and share her a message. Turns out that her husband got baptized forever ago and they got together with plans to get married, but he was always so busy with his job that they never had time to get married. (soooo many people here in Mexico just "get together", its really sad) And she said that some of the previous misionaries had tried to get them married, they had put a date and everything but the day before the wedding her husband had to go out of town for months. I asked her if her husband was in town right now and she told me that he would be in town until saturday. So we explained to her that there is a place in Orizaba where you can set a date to get married and have the wedding the next day. So we invited her to talk to her husband and decide if they wanted to get married on friday, in 3 days, haha. We took down all of her information to get birth certificates and she called us in the morning and told us that they wanted to get married, haha. We could not believe it. So we cancelled like all of our plans on wednesday, went to Orizaba, and got their birth certificates and set up appointments and everything for the wedding. It was the craziest day, because I obviously have no experience with marriage and weddings and what not cuz I havent married anyone on my mission. But the zone leaders helped us out the whole day, we were running around like crazies trying to get everything set up for friday, but we set up the date and everything and they ended up getting married on Friday at 5:00!!! It was so sweet!!!!!! She said that she has wanted to get married and baptized for like 9 years but they just hadn´t been able to, but now she can and we invited her to be baptized this weekend, she has a testimony and everything and has been to church a bunch, but for not being married she could never join the church. We are soooo excited and are so blessed to be able to find Gloria and be able to help her join the church and get married.

We also got to baptized George on sunday, after stake conference!! His baptism was amazing! There was a ton of people there because we had 4 wards there and each ward had a baptism, so it was really special. His mom and his sister (Itzel) came, and so we are hoping that they could feel the spirit and will have more of a desire to follow the example of George. He was so happy afterwards, he came up to us and gave us a big hug, it was great. I have learned alot from teaching George, like I said he reminds me alot of John, he ALWAYS read the chapters in the book of Mormon that we left him, his prayers are always different, he never repeats anything and gives thanks for everything, and he has alot of faith. Im so happy that my Heavenly Father let us find and teach George. :)

Elder Serrano got sick the morning of the baptism, he had a fever and said that his whole body hurt, so sunday after the baptism we had to go the doctor and we waited for like a good two hours, all the chairs were taken so I took a picture of him sitting on the floor exausted, haha. He has some medicine and says that he feels completely better today.

We found 3 more awesome people this week. One of them lives in Yanga, he was a reference from an Hermana. When we taught him about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon he told us he felt surprised, like it was all too good to be true. We left him the chapter when Jesus comes to the Americas and he was almost giddy to read it, he couldnt believe that Christ had come to this continent. We always found a guy named Jorge who lives with his mom. He has a bunch of tatoos and stuff and has made alot of mistakes in his life but trust me when i tell you that he wants to repent from everything. When we taught him about baptism he said that he wanted to get baptized, and we hadn´t even invited him yet, haha. We taught him and his mom together and she wants to follow too, we left them a Book of Mormon and he said that he was going to read way more than the chapter we left him. Also, we hadn´t been able to contact Blanca Esther all week long, everytime we called her it sent us to voice mail. We couldnt figure out what was going on so we prayed that we could contact her soon and she came to the church after stake conference, (she thought it was at the normal time) and said that she had lost her phone and got a new one. So we are going to be teaching her again this week.

We also did an acitivity with the youth in the ward. We split everybody up in companisionships and we all went to knock doors for an hour, and the youth just set up appointments and stuff and said a prayer in the houses that let them in. We received over 20 references :) It was awesome to see all of the youth so excited about the missionary work.

It has been the most incredible week!! We were soooooo blessed and we are so excited to continue teaching all of the new people we found!! Thank you for your prayers and support!! I love you all so much!!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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